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Our history

In 2012, Earth Charter Communities Network, L3C (ECCN) became an American social enterprise.  We have been helping people use dialogue and use the basic principle of the Earth Charter: Respect and Care for the Community of Life to build community and develop lifelong sustainable lifestyles for over ten years before that.

We decided to become a social enterprise to become a bridge between the Chinese and American dialogue around nature education. We developed our bridge programs at different education institutions in China.

ECCN has offices in Washington, DC and Michigan and we want to continue to develop our base and our voice in the public discourse here and in China.  We want to further develop through private classes and institutional workshops a deepening of the U.S. and China dialogue on nature education. 

Why choose us

Dialogue is real communication. Today we need authentic conversations that will reestablish the thriving human-nature relationship that will enable us to evolve towards a natural ecological consciousness. Dialogue that encourages self-mastery, collaboration, global citizenship, meaningful livelihoods and sustainable living is a key to this.  Only harmony through our respect for our diverse cultural values will enable human beings to find today's solutions.

Nature education or symbiosis is the center of all dialogue. This is because, before all else, we are all part of nature. This re-centering of the life of the human being enables a person to reach full potential, to trust and be trustworthy, to strengthen the compassion, wisdom and courage to discern the dignity of life in others. Such a person can then powerfully contribute to the world, one's community, and to nature.

Our Principles & Practices

ECCN Education Principles

Creating synergy between our self, nature and human beings enables common ground to develop. Reconnecting to Nature encourages the desire to want to become local and global citizens within the home community.  The purpose of education is helping people live a contributive life.  Contributing enables people to live happy lives.

ECCN Practices

Our classes always begin and end around dialogue skills and community-building skills because this accords with our education principles.  The effects of teaching these skills must be very clear to the student. To make sure of this, we design classes in real world settings to make sure students can use the skills in daily life.