Brightwood Community Dialogue Center

Brightwood Community Dialogue Center heads up our community building interest of ECCN. We support the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program; provide walks for residents to Rock Creek Park. We have a Brightwood Community Trail (link). We participate in a number of community events encouraging the development of a community we want to live in that is safe, inclusive, resilient and with sustainable employment. We also suppose the development of global citizenship and the global community’s Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change efforts. 

We have, together with the Music Conservatory, an open mic every other week. Are You Woke 2 and Dialogue is about jazz, music, rap and dialogues on how we want to build the community we want. These culture nights and walks and community events is bringing more and more people to want to contribute to where they live in the neighborhoods even to the north, south, east and west of Brightwood. Brightwood is becoming an idea that includes everyone.

ECCN’s BCDC supports our relationship with Beijing Academy of Education Sciences and its development of Beijing education reform where ten percent of all subjects are taught outside in citywide and local venues.

We are a member of The Association of Nature Center Administrators (ANCA) and we are the bridge between master thought leaders from Beijing and environmental educators from the US at our annual conference. Today the relationship and importance of communities with nature and nature centers cannot be overstated as human beings nurture our areas of the planet back to nature.

International Dialogue on Nature, Community and Experiential Education In 2016, we will be introducing a forum called Nature Community and Experiential Education for nature education teachers to share their thoughts and expertise on the three most important lifelong learning subjects of our time. Some of us get to teach about nature. Some of us teach nature within regular classes. Some of us are already using the community as a resource. Our cultures have so much to share about community and nature too, even if it is never taught at school.

Online, web-based learning can also further community and involve people in nature too. Let’s build a network of educators and friends who can communicate and build nature education and community with the wisdom we need to inspire students to enjoy lifelong learning.

BRIGHTWOOD COMMUNITY DIALOGUE CENTER - 712 Kennedy Street, NW, Washington, DC 20011 Brightwood Community Dialogue Center is a center for community development in the Brightwood neighborhood. Brightwood has the most ethnically diverse ward in the district. ECCN wants the Brightwood community to develop into a place that everyone who lives here likes to call home, where residents have meaningful livelihoods, safe neighborhoods, respect nature and are neighborly. Where everyone likes contributing to the community and to help the people of the world live more wisely too. Such community can be a model to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have community dialogue skills programs for different ethnic groups and urban youth, music and nature events, and community cultural events.